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Weidmuller's newly launched WMF multi-function terminal block

recently, Weidmuller's newly launched WMF multi-function reactive electromagnetic energy terminal block, Weidmuller WMF terminal block 14 The computer display and data processing system has a compact and universal shape, provides simple wiring, and can be installed in a smaller cabinet space

wiring terminal is the preferred product to ensure reliable and safe connection in DCS systems, especially those large and complex systems with increasingly high requirements. The convenience of use and flexibility of design have become the guarantee of its high cost performance

generally speaking, since the distance between field equipment and the control room is often very long, the input and output signals are generally not directly connected with the control unit. With the ever-changing field requirements, and in order to improve the efficiency and flexibility of this process and the final wiring, all field wiring is usually arranged in the integrated cabinet, which enables the collection, classification and correct transmission of signals to be realized in the control unit. In the face of this actual demand, Weidmuller WMF terminal provides customers with this solution. After customers' personal experience, the flexibility and efficiency of WMF terminal has been proved, and it has won the American controlengineering engineer selection award

widmuller WMF terminal block has a compact and universal shape, providing simple wiring and realizing installation in a smaller cabinet space. Two wmf2.5 terminal blocks can provide a signal circuit with functions of direct connection, fusing, connection/disconnection and grounding. Due to the increase of space caused by additional terminal modules, the traditional DCS marshalling method needs to use three terminal modules. Wmf2.5 dual terminal solution requires only 10mm installation space for each control circuit, while the traditional method requires at least 18mm. This significant change saves 55% of the guide rail space and 33% of the number of terminals. WMF fuse terminals have double hinge fuse holders, one hinge is used to cut off the fuse and the other hinge is used to install the fuse, so as to ensure the convenient replacement of the fuse and avoid mutual interference with other terminals. The optional led fuse indicator can clearly show whether the fuse is blown, and the plug-in BLZ plug can be pre wired

the WMF multifunctional terminal block newly launched by Weidmuller saves costs for customers and provides flexible signal transmission solutions, especially for the integration application of DCS system. This compact terminal block integrates many functions, including management, system, corporate culture and other broader and deeper connotations. It is a product with direct connection, switching and fusing functions. At the same time, the function of the three-way transverse connection channel and the selection of a variety of tag numbers provide flexibility in design and installation, and the award of Weidmuller WMF multi-function terminal block is in line with the award! Weidmiller keeps forging ahead on the road of innovation

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