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This year, 790million yuan will be invested to build Xiamen port. Xu Mo, vice mayor of Xiamen, recently said that 790million yuan will be invested to build Xiamen port this year. This material has been widely used in the infrastructure of medical and industrial fields. This goal will be implemented as a hard task. Obama is the first U.S. president to personally attend and exert influence to help the U.S. manufacturing industry revitalize from the great depression

after investing a lot of money in the construction of infrastructure without good operating income, Xiamen port will add 8.1 million tons of cargo handling capacity, 650000 TEUs of container handling capacity and 5 kilometers of channel length this year; At the same time, after the expansion and reconstruction of Shugang road and Gangzhong road in Dongdu port area, the gathering and transportation environment will be optimized, and the freight channel in the port area will be further convenient and fast

it is understood that the main development goal of Xiamen port this year is to achieve an annual cargo throughput of 30million tons and a container throughput of 2.2 million TEUs, striving to further rank higher in the world ports. However, the lack of deep-water berths restricts the ability of Xiamen port to receive super large ships, and also affects the speed of the development of container international transit business. Therefore, Xiamen is determined to increase the investment in the port infrastructure

in addition, Xiamen Port developed rapidly last year, with an increase of more than 30% in the three main production indicators of cargo throughput, container throughput and passenger throughput, of which the container throughput exceeded 1.75 million TEUs, which is expected to be among the top 40 container ports in the world to develop data diagnosis methods. The throughput of foreign trade goods increased significantly, with 17.82 million tons, accounting for 65% of the total cargo throughput of Hong Kong; Container liner routes continued to increase, with 26 new routes added throughout the year, and the monthly number of flights reached 420; Domestic container transportation developed rapidly, with 90000 TEUs completed throughout the year

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