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Wiggs polymer has passed the qualification certification of Airbus

West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA - (June 25, 2013) after years of development, Victrex, the world's leading polymer solution manufacturer of PEEK, announced today that its Victrex peek90hmf40 polymer has successfully passed the qualification certification of Airbus. The aerospace industry has always focused on how to replace metal with plastic to reduce the weight of aircraft, and the cooperation of the whole supply chain from material suppliers to OEMs plays a crucial role

this thermoplastic, which has passed the Airbus qualification certification, is a kind of high fluidity material. The position of easy or zero point is often changed in processing, and the produced parts have the characteristics of high modulus. Compared with traditional Aerospace metal materials (such as stainless steel, titanium and aluminum), this material can reduce the weight by up to 70% under the same strength and rigidity conditions, which provides beneficial help for engineers to design aerospace components. Harald hedderich, aerospace strategic marketing manager of wiggs polymer solutions division, said: wiggs is committed to all-round cooperation with our customers to provide customers with the best solution to meet the most severe challenges of regular replacement of servo valves and sealing rings. Hedderich explained that the weight reduction is only 100 pounds (45 kilograms), and the annual fuel cost savings of each long-range aircraft is as high as $10000. Victrex peek90 hmf40 has passed the qualification certification, which can drive the demand of existing airlines to improve fuel efficiency. We are excited about this

although the standard victrexpeek polymer without filling and Victrex peek polymer filled with carbon fiber and glass fiber have passed the qualification certification for more than 25 years in some applications, Victrex peek90 hmf40 has several key advantages that cannot be compared with these brands. Under the same conditions, compared with aluminum 7075-T6, the fatigue life of this high modulus polymer can be extended by 100 times, and the strength and rigidity can also be increased by 20%. Excellent mechanics should replace the sealing ring or combined gasket in time; Performance, applicability under a wide range of temperature conditions, and durability in various chemical corrosive environments, make Victrex peek polymer still the preferred material in the aerospace industry

about wiggs

wiggs is headquartered in the UK. Its wiggs polymer solutions division is a world leading manufacturer of high-performance materials in the production of high-performance polymers such as Victrex peek polymer, vicote coating, APTIV film and Victrex pipestm. These materials are widely used in different markets. Due to their excellent comprehensive performance, they have greatly saved costs and improved quality and performance for OEM manufacturers, design institutes and processing plants. All materials produced by the company meet the quality standards of ISO9001:2008 registered by viggs

Victrex is a registered trademark of Victrex Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Victrex pipestm (viggs pipeline) is a trademark of viggs Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Peek-esdtm, httm, sttm and wgtm are trademarks of wiggs

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