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The wife was too strict to drink at home, and the man secretly went out to drink. As a result, he was drunk on the road

people in Yijin Huangshi, April 11 - just because his wife was usually too strict at home, Huangshi Tieshan secretly ran out to drink. As a result, he was drunk and slept on the side of the road and snored. On April 10, the drunk was rescued by the Huangshi Tieshan police and sent home

at about 22:30 p.m. on April 10, Tieshan branch of Huangshi Public Security Bureau received 110 instructions, saying that there was a man sleeping on the ground and the environment was unknown. After receiving the alarm, the local police of luzhangshan police station quickly drove to the scene and found the man around ZhangZhidong Avenue. After the investigation on the eve of the lunar new year, the immigration police found that the man had no serious injuries, but he was covered with a strong smell of alcohol, and also took back bursts of snoring. "Originally a drunk!" The Yimin police were a little relieved

in the third watch of the current price, in order to prevent the man from losing weight significantly compared with stainless steel and multi-layer composite titanium products, the Yimin police shook him up and asked him his name and other information. However, because the other party was seriously drunk, no matter what the Yimin police asked, the man said vaguely that he couldn't remember. Fortunately, the Yi People's police then found a wallet in his coat pocket with an ID card outside. Only then did they learn that the drunk man's surname was Chen, 43 years old, and he lives in the community of HeXie street

after finding the contact method of Chen's family members, the Yi People's police dialed Chen's wife Liu Mies. It is said that her husband was drunk and still sleeping on the road. Liu Mies rushed there in a hurry

"I called him a dozen times before, but he didn't receive the data. It was originally turned into mute!" Taking what she found from her husband, Liu MIS was very angry. She told the Yi People's police that she was usually strict at home and didn't let her husband Chen drink. That evening, her husband said that he had something to do with finding friends and hurried out of the door. Unexpectedly, she secretly ran to drink. Looking at her husband's drunken appearance, Liu Mies sighed uncontrollably

at about 23:00 that night, the Yiyi police assisted Liu Mies along the way. "Sha Xiaolin, chairman of Nantong Johnson & Johnson, told him to send Chen home. (Fang Kezhan Lingling)

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