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Wide width high-speed aluminum foil roll fills the domestic gap

recently, Sinosteel Xingji small cold roll company signed a production contract with Shanghai Shenhuo aluminum foil Co., Ltd. for 12 wide width high-precision high-speed aluminum foil cold rolling work rolls. The signing of this contract marks that the company has the ability to produce work rolls of wide width high-speed aluminum foil cold rolling mill

it is reported that the work roll of wide width high-speed aluminum foil mill is the top product in the colored roll series. The increasing localization of such products fills the domestic gap, which is of great significance to break the monopoly of foreign products and enhance the competitive strength of enterprises. The work roll of high-precision aluminum foil mill is an important part in the utilization range of heavy and bacterial cultures and biological analysis required by high-precision aluminum foil mill. Its manufacturing quality is directly related to the rolling quality and efficiency of aluminum foil mill. Shanghai Shenhuo aluminum foil Co., Ltd. was introduced by VAI, with a width of 2150mm. The peak value key is to confirm the function of three high-speed aluminum foil mills, with an annual design capacity of 25000 tons. The rolling mill has the widest width, the fastest rolling speed and the thinnest rolled products among the domestic wide width aluminum foil rolling mills that have been put into operation and are planned to be put into operation. Therefore, the technical conditions of the rolls used are very high. Previously, the aluminum foil mill work rolls used by Shanghai Shenhuo were all imported and expensive. The small cold roll company actively contacted them and won the trust of the other party in the company's technical ability and opened a new market by providing them with on-site technical guidance for the use of rolls

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