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Evonik's chemical business income in 2010 is expected to set a new record

the moving distance near the workbench is not less than 1500mm. On the day, Evonik industrial group announced its nine month financial report before 2010 with a specially designed spray nozzle. The group's sales reached 11.887 billion euros, an increase of 24% year-on-year. EBITDA (profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) increased significantly by 55% year-on-year to EUR 2.276 billion. EBIT (profit before interest and tax) increased by 93% to 1.689 billion euros. The three business areas of the group, especially the chemical business, have contributed to growth

Evonik's chemical business in the first nine months showed excellent development momentum. Benefiting from the double growth of sales volume and price, sales increased by 31% to 9.593 billion euros. EBITDA (EBITDA) increased by 707million euros to 1.874 billion euros due to increased demand, increased production capacity and better profit margins; EBIT (profit before interest and tax) increased by 710million euros to 1.4 billion euros

Evonik expects to continue to maintain a good business development momentum in the fourth quarter, with sales growth of more than 20%

in Greater China, Evonik achieved its 2010 sales target of 1billion euros in advance by the end of October. Regional sales in the first ten months reached 1.03 billion euros, an increase of nearly 50% over the same period in 2009. Dr. yingkaishi, chairman of Evonik industries group, said, "I am very grateful to all employees in Greater China for their outstanding achievements. China is one of the important driving forces of our group's growth strategy, and we will continue to support the business development in this region."

Dr. Yu Dahai, President of Evonik Greater China, said: "this exciting achievement not only reflects Evonik's leading position in technology and market, but also highlights the success of our Greater China region in strategic investment, marketing capabilities, localized product innovation, and a solid organizational structure."

comprehensive strategy for Greater China to achieve sales of 2billion euros in 2015

it is predicted that China's chemical market will account for nearly 20% of the global chemical market in the medium term. Evonik will also actively participate in this high growth market and strive to achieve the sales target of 2billion euros in Greater China by 2015

in order to achieve this goal, Evonik formulated and launched the strategic development plan of "the growth path of Greater China" in the autumn of 2008; It covers a wide range of measures and is committed to promoting the development of enterprises in the region. According to this strategy, Evonik has launched a number of cross business sector projects targeting key industries; Such as automobile, architecture, electronics and lighting, etc. Among them, the automotive team is preparing a cooperation project with Chinese vehicle manufacturers to promote the development of automotive lightweight in the greater central region

plans to invest further and seek higher growth

the strong performance also stems from the development of local production infrastructure. In June, 2010, Evonik built a new precious metal powder catalyst factory in China, especially in Shanghai, China, a waste diesel enterprise. In addition, Evonik also held a signing ceremony for the Northeast multi-user base in Liaoyang, Northeast China, in September this year. This is Evonik's second multi-user base that evaporates on the opposite side through the film under the action of concentration gradient. Evonik's first multi-user base in China is located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, which was established in 2004

at the same time, Evonik Greater China is launching a number of strategic investment projects to ensure long-term growth. This includes not only the investment in production facilities, Evonik also plans to establish a high-end project house for the electronics and lighting industry in Taiwan in 2011. This is the ninth project house of Evonik and the first project house established outside Germany. The new investment in Taiwan will further consolidate Evonik's commitment to the long-term development of the region and enhance localized innovation, so as to promote Evonik to achieve higher growth goals

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